My top 4 parenting books …

Earlier this week, I got the chance to share my story with a group of moms. I talked about my learnings in my journey from single teen mom to where I am today. It’s the first time I’ve told my story in a public setting like that. It was a tremendous honor. And, naturally, my emotions were a little raw. I almost can’t remember anything I said. Just kidding. I remember everything.  

Also in the past few days, I’ve had several conversations with peers about new challenges and opportunities that pop-up in the pre-teen and teenage years. In many ways, it’s a new playbook. Like going from college football to the NFL, we need to up our game and refine our skills. 

In spite of all my flaws, God has still entrusted me with two girls (24 & 14) and one boy (12). It’s my job to keep learning and leaning in to the support that He’s placed around me. In addition to that community, here’s four books I go to for practical, no-nonsense coaching:

The surprising bonus about these books is this: even though they are written specifically about parenting, the communication and psychology principles apply to every form of communication—not just between parent and child.