The top 7 reasons the new GCCwired is worth the learning curve…

The layout is going to be the single biggest adjustment for most people. Including me. It’s not linear but “fluid.” At first it messes with you. There will be a learning curve. But, the function behind the form makes it worth it. Here are 7 reasons why we’re jumping in with both feet. (Seven rhymes with heaven. Coincidence?)  

  1. More usability for everyone. It’s a single web site that works everywhere-one URL and a dependable, consistent experience whether you’re on a computer, tablet, smart phone or TV. Currently the number one complaint we get over and over about our current site is about how you can’t use it on  different devices. Now, no matter what device visitors are using, they will get a better experience when viewing the website.  
  2. Your content, all of the time. With the power search, it’s like a one-page web site. Each person brings what they want to the home page when they want it. Think minority report. Ultimately, a search-driven site (versus a hierarchical site) puts the mission within reach for more people by giving each user control of their own experience. This is a big win.  
  3. Accumulated sharing. Empowers every individual to make positive contributions and “own” the site by using all social sharing links with a single URL. All research shows we will experience a higher conversion rate (people take action on content) because each individual will be able to interact with the site however they choose. It won’t matter what they use, or how they are wired, everyone can pop on, cruise around and end up with the answers they’re looking for. It’s more friendly, less sterilized. 
  4. Less expensive to maintain. We will have a single site that feeds all devices instead of having to make an individual site for the phone, tablet, laptop, podcast, etc. We’ll reduce technology, maintenance and labor costs and free up funds for more ministry.  
  5. More googlicious. One single site versus multiple sites will get a higher ranking and more traffic because we’re are combining numbers from multiple sites.
  6. Better picture of single reality. Our analytical numbers should be much more accurate in tracking the number of true users. We can ultimately build a better report which helps us know more about our audience and serve them better.
  7. Foundation for the future. This becomes even more important as we look at usage trends—the future is mobile. People are on the go—mobile and apps—24/7. This design allows us to move into that “on-the-go” space with real-time inspiration, hope, encouragement and resources. This multi-device site is just the first step in that direction.