Getting ready for Re-Innovate…

There’s a time and place for theory. For me, now is not the time or the place. As I’m looking for ways to lead inside of a new vision while dismantling old systems, I’m looking for highly practical training that’s short, to the point and shared by someone who’s been there. Apparently, there’s more people who who feel the same way.

So far, over 400 church leaders and volunteers are planning to join us at the ReInnovate Conference in one week (it’s next Tuesday and Wednesday). It’s a high learning environment hosted by church leaders for church leaders. I’m prepping this week for three breakouts I’ll be facilitating:

  • Simple communication to get the word out
  • Taming social media
  • Less control, more influence

If you live in driving distance (I’m talking to you Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky), grab a team mate and get here. There’s a spot for you. You’re not hassling with last minute airfare prices. The drive is peaceful and serene. I’m pretty sure you’ll thank me.