Need help leading communications? Here’s two upcoming learning opportunities…

Communication is tricky. Especially organizational communication. There’s so many people involved–on the inside and out–to keep up with it. How do you communicate:

  • INSPIRATION: information that motivates people to action.
  • OWNERSHIP: mission, vision and values across departments and campuses.
  • INCLUSION: a common vocabulary for diversified audiences.
  • BALANCE: just enough but not too much.
  • LONGEVITY: not just the here and now, but for ongoing future.

These are loaded objectives and there’s two common responses to the challenges–control everything or just give in to the free-for-all. Both approaches are counter-productive.

It’s not as complicated as we tend to make it. There are simple approaches to a seamless message. Want a fresh perspective, an encouraging nudge, a few “aha” moments and examples of uncomplicated strategies that make a noticeable difference? Here’s two upcoming learning opportunities:

  1. Workshop. On Friday, July 20, I’ll be leading a one-day workshop about Communications here at Granger. We’ll look at the very real challenges of organizing communication efforts and get practical about how to remove barriers–inside and out. Starts at 9AM, done at 4. Power packed. 
  2. Coaching Network. In September, I’ll be launching the fall coaching network for anyone who leads, influences or supports local church communications before, around or after the weekend message. Application deadline is August 1.

    Is a coaching network for you? While it’s not for everyone, it’s a highly unique and rewarding experience for anyone who is a part of it. Five seasons of coaching networks has produced an impressive alumni list. See for yourself. Here’s a first hand report from two of them:
  • Bobby Gilles, coaching network alumni, shares his review here. And, interviews me with some FAQs here.
  • Thelma Bowlen, coaching network alumni, shares her postscript here

The time is now if you’re interested. Space is limited. Maybe I’ll see you soon.